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Photo by  @pixelcoma

Photo by @pixelcoma

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Approximately 232,736,070 breaths, and 1,117,048,322 heart beats.

Writer, Painter, Crafty Maker, Travel Enthusiast, Pillow Fort Architect,
Day Dreamer Extraordinaire, Introverted Extrovert, Adventurer,
Admirer of the arts, Book Sniffer, Tree Lover, Life Hugger. 

A constant indecisions on whether to make or not make the bed on a Monday morning. An incapability of drinking coffee before it gets cold. A whole heartily joy for bad puns, An inner tug war, a pure fascination for sailboats and sunrises, a sheer love for other people's laughs. 

Nobody understands my metaphors, I name things after people I've never met.

Have you seen Pierre?