Airport Affairs

Everyone who has traveled with me knows that I like airports. I love them. I enjoy them. 
Where others see hectic business men, overwhelmed tourists, over-worked ground personnel, huge lines and confusing check-in machines - I see excitement, anticipation, happy farewells and even happier reunions. 

Lisbon Airport -  2015

Lisbon Airport -  2015

Most people I know don't quiet understand why I can possibly enjoy such an artificially created place, when I usually avoid malls at all costs and hate spending side inside huge buildings.

So this is for them, and for you. 
A little (really little) sum up about how I can possible enjoy it so much. 

Barcelona Airport - 2015

Barcelona Airport - 2015

The Routine:

By now I have a routine, which might sound boring but makes it so much easier to travel. 
I usually check in before I even drive to the airport, unless it's a flight to the States (which I have a different routine for - due to an unfortunate homonymy, more on that maybe another time) .

With my boarding pass in hand and a well packed suitcase trailing after me,  I arrive at the airport rather early. Okay, okay, Not rather early - super early.
(I am not a punctual person - I am that kind of person who feels bad for being only 5 minutes early - and yes my friends hate me for it.)
There are not many times when I don't check in my luggage (unless it's a trip that's less than 2 days) - not that I bring so much stuff, but checked in luggage makes the whole security check process easier and I also get to watch people at the baggage reclaim. Which brings me to my favourite Airport diversion. 

The Watching

The main reason why I celebrate Travel days so much is and will always be you. People. Strangers. Human Beings - that are happy, confused, late, excited, in tears, furious, exhausted,... you name the emotion and it can probably be found at an airport. 

Does it sound creepy when I say I like watching people? How about when I tell you I have a little notebook, which has sketches in it - sketches of people that caught my eye at the airport? And what if I tell you that I give them names and make up whole stories about them, where they come from and where they are going? - creepy? Maybe a little. 

The Sole Purpose

The conclusion, the sum up, the main intention.
And of course, the getting away.
Traveling is what I love and what I (now) live for.
Airports are part of it. The journey is the destination. Cheesy? Maybe, but oh so true.