Ode to Vienna

Wien, Wien, nur du allein.


In 46 days I will be leaving my hometown, Vienna, for an exciting new challenge, let's call it traveling the world. The first challenge will take place in Spain and mainly include my daily struggle with learning Spanish, which despite what everybody thinks, I don't speak a word of (yet).

I have been traveling a lot, and I have lived in other cities, Toronto for example. So you could say that, over the years I perfected packing my bags and leaving most of my belongings behind (if anyone is in need of winter coats or a couch, let me know. I am serious!). 
Over the last few weeks there was a handful of questions people, mainly coworkers, friends and family, but also complete strangers have asked me. 

1. Are you excited? (everyone.)

YES, YES and HELL YES. What do you think?

2. Aren't you scared something bad will happen? (Get mugged, run out of money, lose your left, and only your left shoe, etc.) (strangers.)

Why so negative? But yeah,...

Bad things can and will happen no matter where you go, and the second they happen, as hard as this might sound, it doesn't matter if you are sitting alone in a chair on the other side of the planet or if you are strolling through your hometown all by yourself. What comes after is what matters. I am blessed with a great support system, beautiful people sprinkled all over the globe. Isn't that all you need? People? Even if you only got two people in your corner, one will always have the bucket while the other holds the towel. (Think big corner, ocean-crossing corner. And big towels too.)

3.  What are you going to do besides traveling? 


Ever went to a baseball game and someone asked you what you are going to do there?
I'll eat, I'll drink, I'll explore, I'll stare at people, I'll talk to myself, I'll go on adventures, I'll do everything I do here, I'll do more of some things, and less of others. 
Traveling alone is such a vast word. You shouldn't have to specify it. You should just do. do it. do them. do you. (yeah I know how that sounds.)

4. Are you going to miss Vienna?

I don't know. I honestly don't. I have never missed it when I was gone but I've was always been glad to come back. Don't get me wrong, Vienna sucks sometimes and yes the people are cranky and think they are funny when they are just plain rude, they whine a lot. I mean A LOT, A LOT. But Home is where no pants are, and I haven't found a living room that is more comfy to dance through in underwear than mine here in Vienna. 
But yes, I am gonna miss you. And it will be hard to spend my time without you. (Is that what you wanted to hear?)

So here is to Vienna. Home base of yours truly. 

Next up: New Project Introduction. New Words