The Sailor And The Two Lovers.

The Self Experiment.

What should have happened was that I add some pages to my book I am working on, what actually happened was this. 
In a not so serious discussion about ideas and how to get creative, my friend, the neuroscientist, suggested that in order to get a different outcome, I should try putting my brain in a different state of being. How do you do that? Well, I usually write when sober, once in a while I add the occasional glass of red wine but that's pretty much it. I never considered anything else as a writing boost. This time I did. And when I calmly folded the papers around my 420 mix I thought to myself, "What's the worst that can happen? You write, you eat, you fall asleep."

20 minutes later, I found myself typing away on this little story as well as drafting a few others. So that's that. My book was untouched and I haven't written anything I actually wanted to write but I got some fun new poems and a little story out of it. 



I am sorry it didn't rhyme. I really am. Hope you could enjoy it anyways. 

Yours truly.