You don't have to love your job...

You don't have to love your job... be good at it.

— Confucius


Yeah, right. 
Let's face it, even if you have the best job in the world you will eventually come to the point where you don't want to get up and drag your busy booty to your place of work. 

It's a wonderful concept but in reality we all struggle sometimes. If we would never have to actually work for something - sweat or tears - we wouldn't grow. This means we frequently have to do things we might not like, or we might not be good at, yet. 

Maybe it's similar to partners, it takes a few until you find the perfect one. You have to try some you don't like so you know what to look for in the next one. Even if your Prince Charming rides along, it won't all be rainbow glitter and unicorn farts. Relationships need work. 
And so does, well.. work.


I've worked a variety of jobs in my life and while a few where just painfully soul sucking, others actually were great and for a decent amount of time "the best".

I haven't found my calling yet, and honestly I wouldn't mind never finding it. I don't identify myself with what I make a living with.
Not saying that you shouldn't, there are lots of people who live for and through their jobs, and those people too can lead a happy life. 


"You can still be good at what you do without devoting your life to it." 


Not all people have the luxury to choose a job. 
Let's face it, in this economy we are mostly happy that we've got any kind of job. 
Why do people stay in a job that makes them unhappy? Because food needs to be bought and rent has to be paid.

Just because you hate your job doesn't mean you have to suck at it. Which means you can do a good job, be a decent human being, actually do what you get paid for, use your brain and be nice. 

The trick is to find what you are doing it for. Your motivation. There is nothing wrong with saying, "By the end of the day - it's about the money." 
Granted it won't make you happy in the long run, but what honestly will? Happiness is the journey and not the goal.
But if you are saving up for something, that you think you need to add to your satisfaction level, go for it. 

The question is, is your frustration worth it? 
As said before you will always hit a wall, sooner or later. What purpose that wall has is up for you to decide. 


Whenever I hit a wall, I always ask myself two questions. Most times I can answer one or even both with "Yes." - if that's not the case anymore, I hardly ever stay.

  1. Does me being here help to improve a situation or someone's life?

  2. Does me being here help to improve my situation or my life ?


I am not telling you to live by my mantra, or follow my thoughts to the t. 
All I am suggesting is: 


"You are not your job, but your job has to be done by you."