Busy Doing Nothing

Your productivity doesn't define your self worth.

Social Media has us believe that we need to do something in order to be someone. 
If you are not busy with meetings, get up at 6am to go to the gym or tell everyone how exhausted you are from your 16-hour days, you are in fact not a good person.

You are not a part of our ill-functioning society, which is a downward spiral since everybody has the need to belong.

If you don't post it, it never happened.

No matter who asks us (even if no one asks us), we need to make sure that we are in fact doing something - and letting people know.
We're getting off on the fact that we are busier and more industrious than others. 
We're getting off on the moment people tell us that they don't know how we do it. 

I am not going to be your inspirational life coach here. 
In fact I am going to tell you why this sucks.
And no it's not because you are not living in the moment.

Every generation defines 'success' differently. 
I am annoyed by my generation.
Our goal is not to have the house, the car or anything else materialistic that would show for our hard work. 
We are thriving for success without knowing the meaning of it.
It's no longer about how much money you have in your bank account. It's about being known for something. So we do it all. We try every aspect, every niche that could lift our social status. 
But we are busy. So it needs to be quick. An easy fix.

We need to be able to show the world that we are hustling, but try to spare ourselves the actual work. The result is not important anymore. 
All that counts is the process, that gives the illusion that we are doing something worthwhile. 

We cling to every 'like' we get. Our self worth is a pile of unread messages and superficial praise by others. We barley make it out of bed without checking our phones. We want to be celebrated for being. We want to leave a mark by doing nothing.

Being busy doesn't mean you are successful.

I don't respect you more if you tell me you get up at 6 every morning.
You are not better because you know someone who knows someone. 
You are not worth more because you are committed to "hustling" day and night. 

People spent more time posting every car ride to a meeting, than actually creating something.
They talk more about their passions than actually pursuing them.

Everything we do has to have a purpose.

Don't get me wrong.
We do tell people that it is okay to relax for a bit.
We do tell them that it's okay to have "me time".
BUT - Only if it's to reward yourself for being busy all the time, only if it serves your self care. 
Only if you deserve it.
Only if you do something. 

We make people feel bad for not being busy, but instead of helping them out. Instead of offering them a way to feel useful and hardworking, we praise ourselves that we came up with enough bullshit, that they feel less. We did it. In our minds they look up to us for being busy.
"How do they do all those things?"
We fell better. We feel seen.

Let me tell you that being seen for something that you are not, is not something you should celebrate. In fact, it chips away from your own personality. Your own self starts to cripple because you are now busy trying to hold up the facade of having your shit together. 

We went from sharing parts of our lives with the world, to screaming into everyone's face: "LOOK AT ME!". 

We seek approval.
Not for who we are but for the persona we made up - because the true you doesn't sell ads. 

I don't have an answer or a grand solution.
I'm fairly sure that not everybody found the point I am trying to make.
I'm not even sure I found it. I do know I am part of this problem. 

I also know I am done feeling guilty about not being busy. I am not boring because I don't show 99% of the dumps I take on my social media. 

We have this misconception that we only exist once everyone knows our name. 
We are only successful if people know who we are. 
Let me tell you whose name everyone knows. Hitler's. 

Carver Club  - Asturias, Spain

Carver Club - Asturias, Spain

To put into Albert Einstein's words again: 
“Try Not to Become a (Hu)man of Success. Rather Become a (Hu)man of Value.” 

K Thx Bye.
Lots of Love,