Boss Ladies

You scared? 



It's 2017 and still, when people see a woman in an office their first thought goes to secretary, assistant, or someone who has to make you coffee. 
Women in power positions are still seen as unicorns with hairy armpits. What's up with that? 

Listen, it is not about getting treated better than a man.
It's about not getting put down because we have boobs.



I am not gonna start a big discussion about the fact that women still get paid less than men due to life expectancy, or how woman don't get offered positions because they "probably want to have babies at one point" 

I am talking about the little things women face on a daily basis.
Because it seems that no matter how we do it, we seem to do it wrong. 


Nothing gives my gag reflex a quicker reality check than people who refer to women as bitchy or pms-ing when talking about their work attitude. 

Yes, people can be bitchy and/or bossy - despite their gender. 
Some people make better leaders than others, some are team players, some are doers, some are talkers - despite their gender.

In my experience the perception still is a different one when it comes to female bosses vs. male bosses. 

No matter their leadership abilities, when a man puts down his foot it is seen as a statement. He is a person to be respected. While a woman is perceived as bitchy, not only from male colleagues but also from their female co-workers and employees. 

Aggressive vs. assertive

Why is that? 
Why do we (people) narrow it down to gender? 

Is it because women should be seen as the friend or the mother figure who always has our back?
Is it because women are not assertive enough - if so, why?

Are men more respected in a power position because they are more aggressive towards taking what they want?

I, for one, have been asked if I want children at almost every job interview I ever had. I have been called bitchy when making unpopular decisions and I have been called emotional when discussing important issues emphatically. 

I honestly struggle with finding the right balance between standing my ground and not coming off as a bitch. 

While it might not be a big deal to you, it is not funny to overhear coworkers to shrug off critique by "she's probably on her period".

Neither is it constructive.


But try addressing it - The conversation will usually end in "Oh come on, it was a joke. Don't be so emotional."

As you can see I don't have a clear answer on how to dissolve this problem. I don't even know if this is a problem the majority has, I just know after discussing this at length with family and friends, it sucks.

And I needed to get it off my chest.


So now, off you go and make your own damn coffee. 

Special thanks to Sigrid
Photos by Nikolaus Ostermann | @i_koon