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DIY: BODY & LIP SCRUBS, scrubs, lip, body, recipeComment

Do It Yourself
Body & Lip Scrubs

Need a last minute Christmas present? Or are you just tired of paying lots of $$$ for body scrubs that you know you can easily do yourself? 

I love Christmas, but I am a last minute present buyer. I am also a bit forgetful sometimes.  (No, of course I didn't forget about you!)
Also I am a big DIY fan - as long as it's simple.

So if you are a tiny bit like me and you still want to gift something a little bit more special rather than buying the next best thing. Here are my favourite home made scrubs. 


Coconut - HONEY - Vanille - Sugar Scrub

Coconut Oil (cold pressed)
Brown sugar / cane sugar

Step 1: Get a jar (I usually re-use marmalade or pesto jars) and fill it up to 2/3 with cane sugar. 

Step 2: Heat about the same amount of coconut oil until it melts and put it in a bowl on top of the sugar. (Tip: Let it cool down a bit.) 

Step 3: Add a third of honey. - If you want it to be vegan just leave this part out, or use maple sirup.

Mix it by hand, if you feel like it's not pasty enough just add more coconut oil. 

Step 4: Add the "flavour". You can either buy real vanilla and add into while you're melting the coconut oil. You can also put vanilla sugar or extract to it - whatever you have. 

You can also add different essential oils depending on the skin type.

delicate/dry skin: add almond oil, sesame oil, olive oil, to name a few.
oily skin: jojoba oil, rosehip seed oil or sunflower oil.

Olive - SeaSalt - Lemon Scrub

Olive Oil
Dead sea salt
2 Lemons

Step 1: Get a jar and fill it up to 2/3 with dead sea salt. 

Step 2: Pour the salt in a bowl and add olive oil until you feel the consistency is right. (yeah, just wing it)

Step 3: Grate two lemons and put the rint into the mix, add the juice of the lemons as well. 

You can also add mint leaves for a wonderful smell. 
I also like to add aloe vera extract to make it even more fancy.



for the ones with very delicate skin.

Poppy Seed (grated)
Almond Oil

Step 1: Get a jar and fill it up to 2/3 with poppy seeds.

Step 2: Pour them in a bowl and add almond oil until it's all pasty.

Step 3: Add the vanilla, or whatever flavour you like. 
This one is good for chopped lips as well so you might want to put something in it that doesn't taste like feet.

If your skin needs more love, add shea butter or sea buckthorn (seriously, what's up with the english language?)

Also if you don't have poppy seeds you can just swap it with coffee ground - both are not that hard on your skin. 


for the extra lazy and THE extra busy people.

Use 2/3 Sugar or Salt, mix it with 1/3 of whatever oil you think is good for your skin, add something fancy or don't. 
Put something in it that makes it smell nice.