I have a disease and it starts with F.

I have a disease and it starts with F.

Apparently I have a disease. Nothing too serious, but not too many guys can live with it.

I am a feminist. 
I tried to stop once but then a guy cat called me out of his car and I didn't want to confuse him by being all happy about it. That would have just thrown him off his game. 


It starts with feminist and ends in fundamental rights. 

Once a guy told me to shave my legs. Not a guy who wouldn't text me back or had any business with my lady parts, a guy on the subway. On the subway! Can you believe that? How fucking weird do you have to be to tell a girl on the subway that her winter look is out. 

Fuck you I said you stink, you need a shower, you would be lucky if someone like me would wrap my hairy legs around your face. Fuck you and your beauty standards. Fuck you! 

Of course I didn't really say it, because I am awkward and shy away from confrontation.  But the look I gave him, he knew. I know he knew, because the next stop he got off with the words "fucking feminists"

Thank goddess it's winter now and nobody sees my fluffy legs.