California Dreaming

Ever been so tired of your 9 to 5 that you keep day dreaming of a far far away land?

California is such a place for me. While I still struggle to see the magical appeal of Los Angeles, I've had my fair share of good moments in the Golden State. 


Earlier this year I took a road trip up and down California with one of the besties. 

Not only do I love road trips more than I love warm socks on cold winter nights, I also love spontaneous photoshoots. 

It was windy and sunny but not 'boiling eggs on your legs' hot. 
With a bit of Haute Couture and fading surfers tan we stumbled on the next best beach in San Diego, Tourmaline Beach.

You could tell the sun was setting, not only by the closed down life guard stations but because of the amount of surfers shaking their heads passing us as they got ready for high tide. 

"Fear not" I was thinking, while posing in and around another man's office. - "I could save you, if I wouldn't be wearing pants that cost more than my rent."


The wind blowing sand forcefully yet idyllic and dangerously close to my eyes. The sun bedazzling almost blinding. The ocean so soft yet strong enough to make me think of waterfalls, water taps, water, water, water... ah the urge to pee. 

Still I was happy. I've never wore more comfortable pants (besides my Batman Pyjamas, that unfortunately didn't make it on this trip).
I've never been to San Diego before, but I'll definitely come back, even if it's just for the beaches. 


All these wonderful images are brought to you by lucamercedes
Some are analoge and some are digital. It's up to your eyes to see the difference. 


Pants: Juergen Christian Hoerl 
Sunglasses: Komono
Photographer: Luca Mercedes