Why Not All?

Why Not All? 


I keep asking myself this question every day and I haven't really found a satisfying answer yet. Maybe you can help.

What I am referring to is that we get told so often to pick one thing.
Be it a job, an opinion or a passion. When sometimes deep down we know we can't decide. 

Why do we let others limit ourself so much? They are not the ones who have to live our lives. 

And they usually don't really care.

We let others define our choices so much, we barley know when it's our turn to make a decision. 

Maybe it's just me. I am horrible at decision making, and I am even worse in sticking up for them.
I just know that I want to do more, that I can be more.
And for that I have to say "Fuck you" to the imaginary crowd in my head that keeps telling me I will screw up. 


Yes, I might not be good at all the things I want to be good at.
Nevertheless I want to do them so I am going to.

...from now on...

And as long as I don't hurt anyone in the process, what's the harm?


So many people hold back on what they truly want, because

- a) they are afraid of what others might think.
- b) they are afraid that they will fail (which makes them look bad).
- c) they are afraid of getting laughed at.

All these things have a common denominator. Others.

So here is a mantra for all those who sometimes forget that "others" are not the once who are responsible for your happiness. 

Stop looking at your life through the rear-view mirror of someone else's car.

And just write that book already, take the dance class, start your finger painting career, be the model, be the actress or the bus driver. 

Be you, for fuck's sake.
And get it all.


shot by Nikolaus Ostermann - www.kostowa.com | @i_koon