Hate To Hate

After spending a month in Pura Vida, enjoying cheesy sunsets and the sound of waves washing up at the beach - I am back. 

...and I have a bone to pick with you. What's up with all the negativity? 


If it's not for you - let it go.

People get more and more involved in good causes, finding their way to express themselves and helping each other in various ways. 
That's a good thing, right?
Why the f*** is it then, that so many people feel the need to argue with it?

I am talking about the "We have bigger problems than this" - people.

More and more speak up and want to stand for something. Be it fighting against sexism, racism, bigotry, standing for equality through out all colours of the rainbow, being an ambassador for animals, a third world advocate... (this list could go on for another 6 pages - and I really don't want anyone to feel left out, but I think you get the picture.)

That it might not cover your worries, doesn't mean you get to be offended. Or need to spend your time explaining why you don't confirm. 


You can hate but people don't have to care about it.


Don't get me wrong, I'm a little hater myself - I am the proud founder of "tea party - no knitting - bitch club". Everybody gossips and everybody has a bad day once in a while and needs to vent. This is okay. 

What's not okay is pissing on everyone's parade because you think their time should be spent differently. That's not up for you to decide.


2. Pick your battle.
3. Let them have their passion.


So here is me complaining about the complainers.

What I am trying to say here is; not everyone will fight your fight. They chose a different battle because it's closer to home to them.
People have different priorities and in a world with so many inequalities there will never be one front against the one evil. 

That doesn't mean that they are not trying to make things better, that means they struggle with things you might take for granted.

So the next time you feel like putting someone down for their passion, take a plastic bag, speak into it. The whole speech, really get it off your chest. Then step outside and let it fly, like the imaginary fuck you actually don't give.


Now go on and spend your time fighting the good fight, whatever it may be.