Sometimes people come into your life to leave you.
And that’s okay. Here’s why.

I write. This is how I cope. This is my only way of sharing without bursting into flames.
— T.

Sometimes people come into your life to leave you.
Sometimes they leave in anger and hurt - but sometimes they don’t leave violently.
They don’t leave through fight or flight. They just leave, as quietly and quickly as they came into your life.


Sometimes that’s exactly what they are here for - to leave you…

…so you realise that people not taking on a role in your life doesn’t diminish your self-worth.

…so you realise that you were whole before they’ve arrived and that you are whole after they’ve left.

…so you realise that you are the priority you need in your life.

…so you realise that time shared is never permanent.

Sometimes it’s over before it even starts, sometimes leaving is long overdue.
Sometimes people come into your life to leave you. And that’s okay.
Because sometimes the experiences, sensations and feelings people bring into your life are far more important for your growth than the person itself.
So don’t be bitter, be grateful for the time they actually showed up and that they left without taking parts of your heart with them.

Sometimes people leaving you is exactly what you need to see clearly what you already have in your life.
And that that in fact is enough.
That you are enough.

Sometimes it is just an opportunity to learn more about how we handle rejections rather than how to avoid them.
Sometimes people don’t need you and sometimes you don’t need them.
And sometimes it wasn’t about needing in the first place.

Be soft and let them be who and what they are meant to be, so you can be who and what you are meant to be.

Showing up takes courage, putting yourself out there means taking a risk.
Being vulnerable gives you more strength than any other person can ever give you.
Clinging on to people who are not meant to be in your life, only leaves a bitter taste and ugly scratch marks.

People leave, but the way they made you feel will stay, so it’s up to you to treasure them softly, or toss them out harshly.
But whatever you do never ever let anyone tell you that people leaving your life makes you less, unworthy or insignificant.

I am learning to love the sound of my feet walking away from things not meant for me.
— Unknown.

P.S.: There’s always Rockland.