New Year's continuations

Happy New Year!

Who else is sick of new year's resolutions that will never happen anyway?


While everyone is constantly pushing to become a better "me" when it's time to turn the pages of the past year, I for one gave up on these so called New Year's resolutions a long time ago. 
So here is a list of things I will continue to do this new year:

I will continue to be incapable of drinking coffee before it gets cold.
My indecisions on whether to make or not make the bed on a Monday morning will continue. I will continue to have a pure fascination for sailboats and a sheer love for other people's laughs. I will continue to struggle with quitting to smoke, I will still swear off alcohol when the hangover hits the next day. I will continue to speak Spanish when I am drunk. I will stay awkward and clumsy. I will not stop naming things after people, I will not stop caring too much. I will keep overthinking and trying to better myself. I will keep on fighting. I will love making lists as much as last year. I will make plans and then cancel them last minute. I will stay emotional. I will start crying when Severus mumbles the words "Always". I will continue to travel, I will run away and come back. I will be inappropriate at times. People will continue to be confused by my sarcasm. I will stay honest. I will write. I will continue to hope for the best. I will have bad days. I will promise my dentist to floss more and then not doing it. I will continue reading three books at once and confuse the story lines. I will keep apologising for the mess, even though I just cleaned. I will say sorry way too often. I will take on more than I can chew. I will refuse to eat raisins. I will stay addicted to coffee. I will continue to switch between morning person and night owl. I will fall asleep during movies and binge-watch shows for two days. I will make pillow forts and explain star constellations to people even though they don't ask for it. I will make plans to get up early and go to the flea market and then end up watching people packing up. I will give nicknames to everyone. I will not give up. I will continue thinking about getting a pet. I won't stop embarrassing myself. I will enjoy bad puns and make up my own word plays. I will continue to give hugs. My goal will stay to make you laugh. I will keep chasing waterfalls. Sunrises will keep making me happy. My heart will keep exploding whenever I am on a sailboat. I will continue to heal. I will keep peeing in the ocean. I will celebrate every left wave I take. I will continue to forget lyrics. I will continue to sing off-key. I will keep waking up at night to write things down. I will continue to give. 

I will not stop.
I will continue.


All pictures were taken by Christian Lendl during our Caribbean cruise.
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